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"Jon has been a fantastic recruiter for me over the last 18 months. Giving him difficult posts to recruit for, Jon has provided over 100 people for me during this time period. He has delivered a superb service, 'thinking outside the box', to provide the qualitiy required, and within timescales. Helping me recruit for a subject that he had no knowledge of pushed him to use his integrity and learn the subject plus more, his knowledge of the energy arena is brilliant and he has been given other opportunities to recruit for within the business. I have found him trustworthy and very reliable and very personable, he has never once given up even when I have pushed him due to the numbers of staff required, and has completely put himself out to support me. I highly recommend Jon and the team at Bailey Finch and thank them for all their support at a very busy period. Well done!" Bernie Tewson - Recruitment manager for British Gas



"I've thoroughly enjoyed working with you these last few months. Thank you for your honesty, candor and sense of humor. I'm very impressed with you familiarity with the food and pharmaceutical industries. Your years of experience are apparent. You've been the best engineering recruiting firm I've worked with during my search." Johnathon Davies - Production Engineer - Oxford

"Baileyfinch Engineering took the time to understand me and my career needs before the job search process began. They did not push me into the first opportunity that came along. Instead they helped me successfully plan, prepare, locate and land the right one. Thanks Baileyfinch, I will be happy to refer them. Andy Cook - Maintenance Engineer - Isle of Wight

We love to receive feedback from our customers. Why? Well, for 99% of the time it’s positive and there’s a feel good factor for all of us when we hear it. But we do want to know if our service has been disappointing too, as we’re always ready to learn and improve. If you want to give us some feedback, please email us your feedback or a testimonial to our Managing Director, Tina Jennings,