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Sourcing the right Consultant for your business is an exciting time, yet can be quite a difficult decision; "will they fit in with the team", "are they 150% focussed", "am I investing my time and effort in the right person", these are questions that go through your mind before taking on a new consultant in your buisiness.

With a dedicated team of recruitment professionals, we will assist you with the process, each candidate is thoroughly interviewed, type of questions we ask are:

Qualifying each area of their experience to date.  We also research previous companies that our candidates have worked in to gain the company culture they have come from.

After qualifying the candidate, we tell the candidate where the role is and who the company are, we recommend prior to us submitting their cv to our client, that they spend some time in looking at the clients website, and conduct some research. 

The candidate is then extremely prepared prior to the interview with you!

For more information regarding our services please call one of the team.