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Question Preperation

Types of questions to prepare for


 For technical positions, the interview usually has a high technical content. You may be asked quite detailed questions about your research, eg ‘explain how you have overcome a particular technical problem?’ Not all the interviewers will necessarily be experts in your field so take care with language/jargon and check for understanding of your responses. You could take with you a synopsis of your recent project – a handout that can be given to the interviewer(s) to help illustrate your answers.

What would you do if ...?’ questions are not always the best predictors of future behaviour, but these may be asked. 


This type of question is regarded as a better predictor of future performance than other types of question and is now widely used in interviews. These ‘competency’ questions are based on the job criteria and concern a real scenario drawn from your own experience. They can be challenging, but give you the chance to show your merit. Through your answers, you can give concrete evidence that your skills and abilities match the job criteria. 

Your own questions

It is important to have thought about this before the interview. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the employer or industry, perhaps after reading published articles.