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By using or buying advertising space on this site, you accept and agree that Bailey Finch Associates and its employees may at any time make alterations to or to withdraw this website or any part of it. No warranty or assurance is given by Bailey Finch Associates or its employees as to the operation; quality or functionality of this site, access to the site may be interrupted or delayed for any reason. In using and advertising on this site, Bailey Finch Associates and its employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as the result of using this site.


Information on this site is made available without responsibility to Bailey Finch Associates and its employees, it is the responsibility of users and advertisers of this site to determine the accuracy of the content placed that is of particular interest to them, and to make enquiries and to take up references as required.

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Bailey Finch Associates and its employees are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers and visitors to our website. We do operate a register system on this site, therefore we hold individuals personal data that may be passed to any third parties with prior consent. Companies and individuals that advertise on Bailey Finch can be assured that their details will not be passed to third parties for marketing purposes. However, and its operators "Bailey Finch Associates" may from time to time use your contact details to notify you of any promotions or campaigns that we will be running on our website.

By using any of the links on Bailey Finch Associate's website ( to visit Third Party Company and advertisers, Bailey Finch Associates and its employees take no responsibility for their method of website operation or use of your personal information, if you decide to divulge such details to them.  

Bailey Finch Associates ("the Firm") will use all reasonable endeavours to safeguard the privacy of visitors and customers to this website. The following outlines the reasons for the collection of data and explains how we collect and process it. If you have any questions concerning the collection, processing or storage of your personal information, please contact us by post or email.


When you visit , we may collect sufficient information to provide you with any services you request now or in the future. We may, for example, ask you to provide your name, company name and contact details to enable us to do this. We will also store information that you provide when you complete any other forms on our site, or if you contact us with comments or specific requests. We will not pass on any information that we collect without your express permission.


We are always looking to improve the services we offer to visitors and customers and to make what we provide as relevant as possible. Stored information about our visitors is therefore used for research. We may also either, at the time of your initial enquiry or at a later date, provide you with information and details of Bailey Finch Associate's Services which we believe may be relevant.


You may receive occasional e-mail messages from Bailey Finch Associates on specific issues that we consider may be of interest to you. For example, we may remind you of a particular change or improvement to a service. If you wish to be removed from any Bailey Finch Associates on mailing list, please email or telephone us with your request.

Additional Policies (PDF format)

Complaints Policy & Procedure

Additional Data Protection Policy

Equal Opportunities & Diversity Policy

Health & Safety Policy For Temporary Workers

Alcohol & Drugs In The Workplace Policy


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